Heavyweight conveyor belt

Under the toughest conditions, Continental heavyweight conveyor belts not only keep you running, they keep you running more profitably. With superior performance, we help you achieve lower cost-per-ton conveyed for a wide variety of aboveground applications. With our distributor support, which includes online software that monitors your belt’s integrity and performance, you get the most out of every conveyor belt we make. 
  • Fortress XP™ Belts
    Fortress XP™ Belts

    Fortified with the Power of Fortress™ Technology Conveyor Belt Components

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  • Plylon Plus® Belts
    Plylon Plus® Belts

    Plylon Plus® is our premium all-purpose fabric conveyor belt construction that can be used in a variety of industries and applications.

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  • CONTI® Titan Belts
    CONTI® Titan Belts

    A tough belt designed for tough conditions, CONTI Titan is constructed to withstand demanding operating conditions.

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  • ContiFlex® Belts
    ContiFlex® Belts

    ContiFlex textile reinforced conveyor belts are highly engineered for a variety of bulk material handling applications in the mining, aggregate and industrial markets.

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  • Spartan® Belts
    Spartan® Belts

    Continental Spartan. is an economical fabric belt construction. Spartan. belts are recommended for material less than 3 inches in diameter.

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  • Solar-Shield® Belts
    Solar-Shield® Belts

    Solar-Shield heat belts are offered with polyester/nylon, polyester/polyester and fiberglass fabric reinforcements.

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  • Wood Sawyer® and Wood Sawyer® Plus Belts
    Wood Sawyer® and Wood Sawyer® Plus Belts

    Increase efficiency and decrease downtime by installing Continental Wood Sawyer Plus conveyor belts.

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  • Pathfinder® Plus Belts
    Pathfinder® Plus Belts

    Continental Pathfinder® Plus is a reinforced belt designed to stand up to the unique operating conditions of grain handling facilities.

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  • Texsteel™ Belts
    Texsteel™ Belts

    The strength of steel in a lightweight belt.

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  • Cleated Belts
    Cleated Belts

    Whether you are dealing with steep inclines or simply need extra support to move material, we offer a wide range of U- and V-shaped cleated belts.

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  • Cover Compounds
    Cover Compounds

    Protecting your investment with Continental cover compounds.

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