Splicing Equipment and Technology

We are the only company in Africa offering on-site conveyor belt splicing through our exclusive Preform™ technology, ensuring stronger splices with shorter cooling periods. Preform™ reduces downtime by up to 25% compared to conventional splicing methods, and delivers 10% stronger splices.

Eco friendly & economical

Our patented Preform™ conveyor belt splicing technology can be carried out on-site and avoids the use of cement and rubber noodles, offering an eco-friendly solution that sets fast, reducing possible dust contamination and maximising conveyance efficiency. Downtime is reduced by up to 25% compared to conventional splicing methods, and is 10% stronger.
 Our splicing is vulcanised with leading technology presses from Nilos and Wagener. Nilos also supplies advanced splice monitoring and regulating technology, as well as efficient, easily operated cutting and stripping solutions.

Steel Cord Preform™ Splicing

Our patented Preform™ method of conveyor belt splicing provides improved splice efficiency, with reduced splice time and improved performance.

Textile Reinforced Splicing

Stepped Bias Splicing and Finger Splicing has been optimised to achieve maximum splice life.

Solid Woven Splicing

Methods and materials have been developed for optimal compatibility with all PVC and PVG / Nitrile belts.

Vulcanising Equipment

Continental offers the full range of Nilos and Wagener vulcanising equipment.
  • Nilos Cord Strippers
    Nilos Cord Strippers

    Nilos cord strippers comprise an ergonomically-tested pulling unit (cable winch) and cord stripper to form one easy-to-use system.

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  • Nilos Splice-Watch
    Nilos Splice-Watch

    Mobile Nilos Splice-Watch technology monitors time, temperature and pressure during the splicing process to ensure the strength quality of the splice.

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