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Processing Videos: Conti® Thermo-Protect

    Product range

    • Sheets

      Unvulcanized and thus kneadable or plastically deformable insulation for flanges, fittings, pipes and other components.

    • Hoses

      Vulcanized and thus form solid insulation available in a slotted or closed form. For the insulation of flexible as well as static pipes.

    • Molded elements
      Molded elements

      Vulcanized prefabricated molded elements for quick insulation of valves, ball valves and fittings.

    • Paste

      Unvulcanized in cartridges for easy dispensing, used for sealing slots and holes.

    • Accessories

      Matching closure systems and silicone adhesive for closure of the molded elements and pre-slit hoses.