Air springs for cabin suspension

Sleeve air springs and air spring damper modules made by ContiTech Air Spring Systems are designed and built in such a way that their ergonomic advantages provide convincing arguments for their use:

  • ​They reduce fatigue and harm to the health of drivers
  • They improve handling and vehicle operation
  • They provide safety that drivers can rely upon

Technical specifications

  • Range from 1 to 12 kN
  • Up to 200 mm spring travel
  • Over 150 cylindrical and conical air spring types
  • Temperature range  upon specification from -40°C to +100°C

Benefits of ContiTech sleeve air springs

  • Proven excellence in spring behavior
  • Utmost system performance through interaction between high-quality components
  • Application-specific, precisely defined characteristics
  • Able to withstand the highest demands of temperature
  • Low, load-independent natural frequencies

Air spring vs. steel spring

The integrated sleeve air spring, is notably better than conventional steel spring structures, especially when it comes to driver comfort and safety. It is used in axle, cab and driver’s seat suspension. Our technology offers a much lower natural frequency as well as individually adjustable stroke height and spring travel. Our solutions to specific applications are precision-engineered and extremely reliable.


  • High degree of travel comfort  and reduced wear on vehicle body and load due to low natural  frequency
  • Constant natural frequency  through air pressure control and constant spring volume 
  • Constant vehicle height through level control system
  • Reduced road wear due to low natural frequency

Air spring vs. steel spring graphic

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