Decoration & protection

Decoration & protection

Dynactiv™ is a premier product and services portfolio the Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group that stands for dynamically active, innovative surface materials and outstanding solutions for a wide variety of industries.
The Dynactiv™ Surfaces portfolio comprises of eight different product groups classified by industry:

  • Hospitality
  • Health
  • Home
  • Fashion
  • Mobility
  • Protection
  • Power
  • Blend

Applications range

  • Dynactiv™ Surfaces
    Dynactiv™ Surfaces

    Dynactiv™ Surfaces stands for dynamically active, innovative surface materials and outstanding solutions for a wide variety of industries.

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  • Dynactiv™ Hospitality
    Dynactiv™ Hospitality

    When it comes to durability, hygiene and ease of care of furniture and fittings, these products offers a winning solution in every respect.

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  • Dynactiv™ Health
    Dynactiv™ Health

    In care clinics, hospitals and physician offices, Benecke-Kaliko’s innovative products help keep hygiene standards high.

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  • Dynactiv™ Home
    Dynactiv™ Home

    The surface coverings for indoor and outdoor furniture are the result of decades of research and development.

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  • Dynactiv™ Fashion
    Dynactiv™ Fashion

    If fashion drives the business and there is a need for high-quality materials, these premier functional and inspiring products are an absolute must.

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  • Dynactiv™ Mobility
    Dynactiv™ Mobility

    Interior surfaces of airplanes, trains, cruise liners and yachts have to be highly durable, flame-resistant and extremely lightweight.

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  • Dynactiv™ Protection
    Dynactiv™ Protection

    Protective clothing, uniforms, and survival gear must keep their users as safe as possible without compromising comfort in fit.

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  • Dynactiv™ Power
    Dynactiv™ Power

    Environmental sustainability and value creation are at the core of Benecke-Kaliko’s mission and solutions within these products.

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  • Dynactiv™ Blend
    Dynactiv™ Blend

    Synergy is the focus of these products in terms of both, value creation and repurposing.

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  • d-c-fix®

    A generic term for self-adhesive films for a variety of application areas: surfaces in houses – such as walls, windows, floors, and tables, can be beautified and accentuated.

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  • skai® Interior
    skai® Interior

    Artificial leather, films, or coated textiles are well known in the furniture industries, when quality, stylish and trendsetting design, and innovative material characteristics are required.

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  • skai® Exterior
    skai® Exterior

    The high-performance surfaces can stand up to any weather – they are in use as coatings for windows, doors, garage doors and facade linings, providing an ideal combination of function and design.

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