CONTI® Double Sided Toothed Belt

CONTI® Double Sided Toothed Belt

  • Low system weight
  • Optimized packaging due to double sided toothed belt
  • Low mechanical friction losses for CO2-reduction
  • NVH advantages against chain drives

Technical specifications

  • Suitable for all drives with counter rotation
  • Temperatures from -40°C to +150°C
  • Operable in oil environments
  • Robust designed for engine life time

Belt construction 


1  |  Fabric

  • Elastomer-covered aramide fabric
  • Oil and chemical/media resistant


2  |  Compound

  • ACN-HSN rubber compound
  • Aging resistant (peroxide)
  • Fibre loaded (aramide)
  • Oil and chemical/media resistant


3  |  Cord

  • High stength glass cord
  • Oil and chemical/media resistant adhesion system

Double Sided Toothed Belt