Friction rings & friction wheels for rolling contact drives and drum drives

ROTAFRIX® friction rings and friction wheels are highly suitable for use in drum drives. This special type of rubber rolling contact drive is used in many mechanical engineering fields as an economical form of drive, for example for tube mills and ball mills. Rubber rolling contact drives are economical and efficient, of simple construction, low-noise and maintenance-free. These properties have always encouraged designers to use rubber rolling contact drives to solve particular drive problems. They are widely used by machinery and tool manufacturers, in conveying technology and for drum drives.

  • Unique offer for drum drives and rolling contact transmissions
  • Optimal interaction allows powerful transmission forces
  • Suitable for original equipment and retrofitting systems
  • Variety of compounds and varying applications
  • Available with and without hub

Friction wheels

The best-known examples of friction-locking power transmission are the vehicle tire/road and wheel/rail systems. The circumferential force required for propulsion is transmitted by the wheel to the rail by friction locking. The transmissible frictional force is a function of the wheel load and the coefficient of friction between the wheel and rail. The operation of a rubber rolling contact drive is significantly affected by the correct installation of the rolling contact gears.

Friction rings & guide pulleys

ROTAFRIX® friction rings are the result of many years’ experience in the field of drive technology. With their special elastomer materials they offer optimal properties for high-performance rolling-contact drives with high transmission capacities. ROTAFRIX® guide pulleys made of solid rubber, optionally in combination with damping elements, are ideal for guiding hoisting cages and buckets. ContiTech has developed a special version which meets the durability requirements even at high conveying speeds of up to 20 m/s (72 km/h). The result is high-performance elements which are of simple construction, low-noise and maintenance-free. They are used for hoisting systems in mines.