AGRIDUR® Drive Belts

Power and Endurance for a Range of Applications

AGRIDUR® power transmission belts ensure extremely reliable power transmission – thanks to their smooth running properties even under harsh operating conditions as a result of dirt, dust and moisture. Furthermore, AGRIDUR® power transmission belts deliver high efficiency even under the most extreme weather conditions such as heat and cold, drought and rain, and direct sunlight. Another factor to bear in mind is that no lubrication is required – a benefit when compared with chain drives. AGRIDUR® power transmission belts therefore help cut the costs of maintenance appreciably.

With four product series in total, AGRIDUR® covers almost all of today’s agricultural engineering applications. All AGRIDUR® power transmission belts – whether wrapped V-belts, banded V-belts, variable-speed belts or multiple V-ribbed belts – are electrically conductive to ISO 1813, suitable for tropical climates, unaffected by dust and moderately oil-resistant.

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    Product range

    • AGRIDUR® Wrapped V-belts
      AGRIDUR® Wrapped V-belts

      With low-stretch tension member and upgraded compound for high power transmission at high loads.

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    • AGRIDUR® Banded V-belts
      AGRIDUR® Banded V-belts

      For drives with highly irregular load changes and sustained, high power transmission.

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    • AGRIDUR® Variable-speed belts
      AGRIDUR® Variable-speed belts

      For variomatic and variator drives with low-stretch tension member and upgraded compound.

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    • AGRIDUR® Multiple V-ribbed belts
      AGRIDUR® Multiple V-ribbed belts

      With low-stretch tension member for high power transmission at high loads. A very smooth-running power transmission belt, which is also suitable for small package spaces.

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