Hose lines for electric & hybrid vehicles

  • eMobility

    eMobility concepts from Continental

  • oil hose line

    Oil battery temerature control line

  • Refrigeant line

    Refrigeant battery temperature control line

  • cooling water lines

    Cooling water hose lines for battery temperature control

Sophisticated thermal management system increases battery life and range

The batteries in electric vehicles work at their most efficient at temperatures between 10°C and 30 °C. This temperature spectrum enables long ranges, extends battery life and allows the batteries to work more efficiently. For that reason, the batteries have to be either cooled or heated, depending on the outside temperature. ContiTech offers  hose lines for  battery temperature control with oil, cooling water or refrigerant.

Benefits & features

  • Sophisticated line geometries are space-saving and allow easy installation
  • Intelligent material combinations save weight, allow narrow bend radii and minimize pressure losses
  • ​Small line sections guarantee low refrigerant use

    Product range

    • Refrigerant cooling
      Refrigerant cooling

      New hose lines support the cooling system in E-cars and hybrid vehicles

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    • Oil cooling
      Oil cooling

      Weight-reduced oil hose lines for tempering batteries

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    • Water cooling
      Water cooling

      Water cooling lines in plastic, metal and rubber combination

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