Lubrication & cooling lines

  • Pressure line

    Pressure line turbocharger lubrication

  • hydroforming_01

    Turbocharger lubrication lines in stainless steel (Hydroforming)

  • umlageschlauch

    Hoses with external reinforcement

  • ridgid tube

    Ridgid tube

  • Turbocharger cooling line

    Turbocharger cooling line

  • Cooling line

    Turbocharger cooling line system

Lubrication & cooling lines

Hose line systems for hot air and oil mixtures in the turbocharger circuit as well as for the cooling of the turbocharger by water circulation.

Technical specifications

  • Hose lines made of elastomers, PTFE and thermoplastics
  • Hoses with external reinforcement for ambient temperatures up to 250° C
  • Hydrogeformed tubes in stainless steel
  • Comprehensive connection concepts available
  • Lines with rotatable fittings available

Benefits & features

  • Suitable for high temperature requirements
  • Very resistant to vibrations and continuous oscillation
  • Narrow bending radii for assembly-friendly processes
  • Optimized operational weight
  • Very short hose connectors