Tailor-made for the most varied of conveying applications

Textile conveyor belts carry out a wide range of conveyor tasks in all industries. Depending on the application, textile conveyor belts feature various cover stock properties and a single- or multi-ply textile tensile member.

In addition to a range for normal bulk goods, various special types are available for conveying hot goods, for the transport of goods containing oil and grease, for steep-incline conveying and with special reinforcing materials for particular applications.

Technical specifications

  • Wear-resistant and extremely versatile
  • Optimum for high-incline conveyance (gradients as great as 30°)
  • Up to 3,200 mm wide; up to 6,500 mm for special types
  • Stand up to aggressive media, materials with high oil and grease content, material as hot as +200°C

Features & benefits

  • Insensitive to dampness (use of fully synthetic fabrics)
  • Perfect surface finish (reduces fouling and simplifies the job of cleaning the belt)
  • No discontinuities in the belt due to press-related curing seams
  • Optimum tracking of belt on conveyor unit
  • Good troughability


  • Open-pit and underground mining
  • Machine and plant construction
  • Many other industries

    Product range

    • Abrasion resistant conveyor belts
      Abrasion resistant conveyor belts

    • Heat resistant conveyor belts
      Heat resistant conveyor belts

      Heat-resistant cover compounds and modular system featuring heat control isolation layer for temperature-resistant conveyor belts

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    • Oil resistant conveyor belts
      Oil resistant conveyor belts

      Textile conveyor belts with oil- and grease-resistant covers for recycling operations, wood processing, foodstuffs, fertilizer, waste, oil sand and more

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    • Flame retardent conveyor belts
      Flame retardent conveyor belts

      ContiTech has developed fabric and steel cord conveyor belts which meet the much higher requirements of EN 12882 and EN 14973.

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    • Low friction conveyor belts
      Low friction conveyor belts

      CONTIFLEX® SLIDE conveyor belts are used when materials are removed on the carrying side in a sliding motion, e.g. over a steel, plastic, or wooden bed.

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    • Anti-stick cover grade conveyor belts
      Anti-stick cover grade conveyor belts

      The cover on the carrying side of ContiClean® A-H anti-stick cover grade conveyor belts reduces the adhesion of moist materials.

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    • White conveyor belts
      White conveyor belts

      ContiTech produces white conveyor belts for the wood handling and food industry.

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    • Acid-resistant conveyor belts
      Acid-resistant conveyor belts

    • Slit-resistant conveyor belts
      Slit-resistant conveyor belts

      CONTIFLEX® RIP-PROTECT textile conveyor belts feature special tension members and a highly wear-resistant cover for protection against sharp-edged materials.

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