• Product range

    Product range

  • Isulation materials

    Isulation materials

  • Industry application

    Industry application

  • Industry application

    Industry application

  • Thermal Conductivity

    Approx. values for the reduction in heat dissipation with Conti® Thermo-Protect insulation

The flexible insulation for industry

Conti® Thermo-Protect is a new, ultra-flexible insulation system. It is particularly easy to process, and is ideal for the thermal insulation and protection of flexible and complexline systems, piping systems, and components that are resistant to dynamic loads. Conti® Thermo-Protect provides reliable insulation, especially in setups involving high temperatures and improves:

  • Energysaving
  • Safety
  • Noise Reduction
  • Vibration Reduction

Technical specifications

  • Broad temperature range: Can be used from -50°C to +250°C
  • High robustness: has all featuers of a rubbber part despite low density
  • CTP plates are unvulcanized and thus plastically deformable
  • Insulation vulcanises independently after installation at the component and becomes a flexible rubber compound
  • Wide selection of prefabricated and vulcanized insulating materials (moldings and hoses) for various pipes, valves and fittings
  • Micro porous silicon material with a specific weight of < 0.5 g/cm³

Features & benefits

  • Individually adjustable and matching insulation through kneadable structure
  • Significant reduction in heat dissipation by up to 80%
  • Unvulcanized material is self-adhesive, no additional adhesive is required
  • water-repellent and self-extinguishing
  • Capable of resisting a wide range of media
  • Resistant to both UV light and weathering
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Easy to remove, as molded part reusable

Industries and application areas

  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Tire industry
  • Automobile
  • Caoutchouc industry
  • Pressure foundry industry
  • Chemicals industry
  • Oil industry
  • Shipbuilding industry

Vehicle-related applications

Its specific gravity < 0.5 g/cm³ makes Conti® Thermo-Protect an elastomeric leightweight product which is suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Thermal insulation up to 250 °C, e. g. in exhaust gas systems
  • Heat protection, e. g. of heat-sensitive components
  • Vibration damping, e. g. in electronics
  • Sound proofing, e. g. for gearboxes

Do you have other applications? We will develop a solution!

Processing Videos: Conti® Thermo-Protect

    Product range

    • Sheets

      Unvulcanized and thus kneadable or plastically deformable insulation for flanges, fittings, pipes and other components.

    • Hoses

      Vulcanized and thus form solid insulation available in a slotted or closed form. For the insulation of flexible as well as static pipes and hoses.

    • Molded elements
      Molded elements

      Vulcanized prefabricated molded elements for quick insulation of valves, ball valves and fittings.

    • Paste

      Unvulcanized in cartridges for easy dispensing, used for sealing slots and holes.

    • Accessories

      Matching closure systems and silicone adhesive for closure of the molded elements and pre-slit hoses.