Anti vibration: ViProtect

Customers can use the mobile application ViProtect as a backup to professional technology used to analyze vibrations on a variety of systems in industry.

The app suggests options for a suitable bearing system based on the mass of the system, the number of bearing points, and the excitation frequency. Users also receive technical data on the selected bearing elements and can request more information using the contact form. If the excitation frequency is unknown, it can be calculated with the app before designing the system.

  • Vibration analysis via smartphone now possible directly on engines, vehicle cabs, and many industrial devices
  • If need be, users can calculate operating vibration themselves
  • Available free of charge via the Apple App Store

The ContiTech app is available from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore free of charge. Users will also find detailed operating instructions there.

Anti vibration: ViProtect - iOS
Anti vibration: ViProtect - Android

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