Chemical and Refuelling Hoses

Industrial Hoses

Chemical hoses from ContiTech cover the whole spectrum of standard hoses for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in accordance with EN 12115.

Special processes - some of them patented - provide for safe transport of various media. This includes both hoses with elastomer inner linings as well as plastic-clad ones.

New innovations include hoses with light-colored plastic lining. With their integrated conductor helix, the hoses comply with all requirements for a Ω hose as contained in EN 12115 while at the same time guaranteeing product purity.

Process-patented petrol pump hoses from ContiTech do not bleed colors and are conductive, extremely lightweight, flexible, buckle-proof and weather-resistant. They can be rolled up, have an extremely smooth, bright-colored finish and guaranteed calibratable volume increase. The compounds used allow for good resistance to swelling and diffusion. The "hose-in-hose" principle provides for automatic gas recirculation - and thus contributes actively to protecting the environment and human health.

Aircraft ground fueling hoses from ContiTech are in use on airfields all around the world. They offer ample application safety in every type of climate and an extremely long service life. Aircraft fuel is highly flammable, gives off explosive fumes and poses a health danger on contact. That's why the hoses are extremely impermeable, especially pressure resistant and resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress. Constant production optimization - e. g. product labeling in night-glow colors - regularly take into account the high safety standards of the airport companies.

Tank car hoses from ContiTech are exceptionally user-friendly. The flexible, lightweight hoses are a snap to lay and roll out. The hoses (without steel helix) can be driven over. They can be used in a broad range of temperature conditions.

Bunkering hoses for loading and unloading ships are used in ports and on canals and tankers. The safety and reliability manufactured into them ensures that no problems will arise in the transfer and handling of heating oil, carburetor fuels or hot asphalt.

The hoses are distributed by our efficient fitting partner Elaflex.

Chemical and Refuelling Hoses:

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Chemical and Refuelling Hoses

Chemical and Refuelling Hoses

Chemical and Refuelling Hoses

Chemical and Refuelling Hoses