Materials and Application Conditions

Hoses and Hose Lines for Heating and Cooling

Elastomer-Materials Application Conditions

Inner lining Cover Tu [°C] To [°C] Remark
S-EPDM S-EPDM -40 120 Free of nitrosamines
Per-EPDM Per-EPDM -40 135 Non-efflorescing
Per-EPDM EPM -40 150 High-temperature-resistant cover
Per-EPDM CM -35 125 Oil-resistant cover
Per-EPDM - -40 135 For ventilation hoses
Per-EPDM Per-EPDM -40 125 Non-extracting for fuel cells
VMQ VMQ -50 200  


EPDM Ethylene-propylene diene terpolymer
EPM Ethylene-propylene copolymer
Per-EPDM Peroxide crosslinked EPDM
S-EPDM Sulfur-crosslinked EPDM
CM Chlorinated polyethylene
VMQ Dimethyl-/ vinylmethyl-siloxan-polymer
Tu Embrittlement temperature
To Maximum application temperature in the air under defined conditions:
after 42 days of aging at To, the decrease in elongation at tear is no more than 50%
  • All cooling-water hose inner linings are resistant to electrochemical cracking.
  • All configurations available in diameter dimensions of 7 to 70 mm. Special dimensions on request.
  • Selection of tensile members to meet customer specifications and requisite pressure and movement requirements.