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Suspension systems for rail vehicles

Damping in a nutshell

This special axle spring system damps vibrations and reduces noise. It is comprised of a load-bearing conical spring that allows for comfortable spring properties, with large spring travel in a vertical direction. A self-contained hydraulic system is incorporated into the conical spring to damp vibrations. It can be adjusted to certain frequency ranges by means of a throttle function. This eliminates the need for a separate damper. The multifunctional system does not contain any moving seals, so it is absolutely wear- and maintenance-free throughout the required service life for axle springs.


  • multidirectional spring suspension
  • hydraulic damping of vertical vibrations
  • the added wheelset guidance afforded by co-ordinated longitudinal and transverse stiffness
  • compact and light, they are easy to retrofit
  • can even be used to upgrade older rolling stock to comply with modern comfort and environmental demands
Hydraulic springs