Conti® Thermo-Protect

The Flexible Insulation for Industry

Industry has long been searching for this innovation: a flexible insulation material that provides lasting protection from heat loss in industrial systems.

Developed by ContiTech Elastomer Coatings, this new material encases even the most complex pipe systems – completely. START MOVIE

Thermo Protect
Thermo Protect
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Conti® Thermo-Protect is a new, ultra-flexible insulation system, developed by experts at the ContiTech Elastomer Coatings business unit. It is particularly easy to process, and is ideal for the thermal insulation and protection of flexible and complexline systems, piping systems, and components that are resistant to dynamic loads. Conti® Thermo-Protect provides reliable insulation, especially in setups involving high temperatures.

The product consists of a special silicone rubber compound. It is supplied unvulcanized and can be molded into required shapes, similar to plasticine. Under the influence of heat, the compound cures automatically within a few hours – taking a maximum of around five weeks at room temperature – and becomes a reusable molded element with rubber-elastic properties.


  • High-temperature range: the insulation system can be used in the high-temperature range up to 250°C
  • Flexibility: Conti® Thermo-Protect remains dynamic, flexible, and robust at temperatures from -50°C to 250°C
  • Excellent thermal insulation: significant reduction in heat dissipation by up to 80%
  • Increased safety in the workplace: insulation with Conti® Thermo-Protect reduces the risk of burns and impact injuries, and it also lowers the temperature in the workplace
  • Diverse properties: the product is water-repellent and self-extinguishing, UV-resistant, weatherproof, and resistant to a wide range of media
  • Easy handling: Conti® Thermo-Protect is highly flexible and ductile, self-adhesive, very easy to process, and just as easy to remove
  • Sustainable: Conti® Thermo-Protect is an ecologically smart innovation that has a long lifespan and can be reused
  • Eco-friendly: after use, the material can be disposed of with household waste – meaning that no special waste is produced in the process
  • Independently inspected: Conti® Thermo-Protect has been tested by the Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e. V. in Munich, a German research institute for heat protection
  • Pays for itself quickly: in most cases, the costs of Conti® Thermo-Protect can be recouped after just six months
  • Corrosion protection on heat conductors: minimizes the risk of corrosion under insulation

Fields of Application

Conti® Thermo-Protect is the ideal insulation solution for highly convoluted or flexible line or piping systems. This product from ContiTech is used in areas in which conventional insulation materials are no longer sufficient. The moldable compound can be easily attached to fittings and valves that were previously very difficult or even impossible to insulate – and this in the high-temperature range up to 250°C as well. Conti® Thermo-Protect provides a reliable shield against heat and saves significant energy costs – for example in heating or thermal oil installations and in vulcanization presses.

Industries and application areas

  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Machine and Plant Engineering
  • Automobile
  • Caoutchouc Industry
  • Pressure Foundry Industry
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Oil Industry

Product range

  • Sheets: unvulcanized sheets are suitable for customized and flexible insulation of flanges, fittings, and complex line systems, as well as machines and other systems. Sheets that have been vulcanized and are therefore stable but still flexible are suitable for the heat insulation of straight surfaces or as heat barriers.
  • Hoses: vulcanized hose insulation elements are particularly flexible and robust. Pre-slit hoses are available in various thicknesses. Closed insulation elements are also available.
  • Molded elements: we offer pre-manufactured and vulcanized molded elements for quick insulation of valves and fittings. Various formats are available to cover the most frequently used standard sizes of fittings. We can also supply made-to-order items.
  • Paste: the paste is supplied in cartridges for easy dispensing of the unvulcanized insulation material, making this the perfect solution for sealing slots and holes. An ideal add-on when using Conti® Thermo-Protect.
  • Accessories: our range of accessories widens the potential applications for Conti® Thermo-Protect. For example, we offer matching closure systems for reliable closure of the molded elements. A silicone adhesive is also available.

Sales Partner

ContiTech is intensifying sales of its Conti Thermo-Protect (CTP) insulation system and has formed a sales partnership with Italian company L'ISOLANTE K-FLEX to this effect.

L'ISOLANTE K-FLEX GmbH will sell Conti Thermo-Protect in the 31 countries of the European Economic Area (excluding the Netherlands) and Russia. As a consequence, ContiTech is expanding the field of application of its K-FLEX insulating materials beyond the previous maximum value of +150°C to +250°C, ensuring that it can provide its customers with a wider range of products. Thanks to the collaboration, ContiTech gains access to the well-established sales network of L'ISOLANTE K-FLEX and can therefore offer its insulation system to a larger market. Customers can purchase the material more easily and receive support in their own country.

Conti® Thermo-Protect
Conti® Thermo-Protect
Conti® Thermo-Protect
Conti® Thermo-Protect
Conti® Thermo-Protect
Conti® Thermo-Protect