ContiTech has won Eurobike Gold Award

Power Transmission Group

August 2013The CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM, innovative belt drive for bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes, was awarded at the Eurobike.

The CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM has received a Eurobike Gold Award. Developed in collaboration with Benchmark Drives, this technology replaces conventional chains on bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes with timing belts. The concept convinced the judges: “In the enhancement of the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM, the advantages of the belt drive were employed while the previous disadvantages were eliminated: the change in the tooth shape and the division of the teeth allow a lower belt tension. The belt runs smoothly, but still does not jump off. This will set the stage for more bikes to use a belt drive. Very well done!”

The innovative CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM offers numerous advantages compared to chains: It works without oil, does not have to be retensioned, is maintenance-free, and will not ruin your trousers or get your hands dirty. Its tooth profile distinguishes it from other belt systems: Despite a lower pretension, there is no skipping of the teeth in the cogs. Pedaling is easier, and the bearings do not wear out as quickly. Manufacturers can start placing orders as of now.

The CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM allows for various gear ratios. It is offered with different front and rear toothed pulleys and is also compatible with the gear hubs most widely offered by many manufacturers. This makes the timing belt drive equally suitable for long trekking tours and short runs in the city.

In this year, 496 products from 30 different countries entered the competition for a Eurobike Award. Ten entries including ContiTech received a Gold Award for outstanding achievement in design and innovation.

ContiTech has won Eurobike Gold Award

Award winners: Horst Walter, general manager with Benchmark Drives, and Christian Scholz, project driver 2-wheeler with ContiTech Power Transmission Group with the Eurobike Gold Award in Friedrichshafen.

ContiTech has won Eurobike Gold Award

The tooth profile of the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM's high-performance polyurethane timing belt ensures maximum anti-skip protection on drives for bicycles, pedelecs, and e-bikes.