Strategic partnership

Elastomer Coatings

March 2013Flexo printing forms: ContiTech has sealed an exclusive distribution agreement with Max Daetwyler Corporation USA.

For several months already, flexo printing customers in the US have been served by the Max Daetwyler Corporation USA (MDC). ContiTech Elastomer Coatings has now extended the distribution partnership with MDC USA and sealed an exclusive distribution agreement.

“MDC provides an excellent base for our CONTI Laserline flexo printing forms, because they already have a long-established presence supplying pressroom products for flexo and gravure,” said Dr. Thomas Perković, Head of the Printing Blankets Department at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. “The Max Daetwyler Corporation USA has strong customer focus, first-class technical service and excellent distribution logistics. This all contributes to provide long-term customer benefits and satisfaction.” The aim is to systematically increase market share of Laserline DLE (Direct Laser Engraving) flexo printing forms.

Marty Cansler, the National Sales Manager of Daetwyler USA stands ready with his team of printing professionals, who are all geared to support flexo customers in analyzing their printing problems, finding the root cause and determining the right solution. Located in Huntersville (North Carolina), the Daetwyler subsidiary in the USA maintains not only production facilities for their own core business, but also a demo center for the pressroom products which they also supply.

In the near future, ContiTech will also be working towards expanding the sales activities to the important Mexican flexo market together with the Max Daetwyler subsidiary there.


Strategic partnership