Quality-Conscious and Environmentally Conscious Behavior Pays off

Quality and environmental protection are two sides of the same coin. That is why these management tasks are both the responsibility of the same department at ContiTech. Saving resources while meeting the quality demands of our customers are cornerstones of our operations. This interplay will only work in the long term, however, if it is based on a stable economic foundation. That is why we always also keep an eye on the financial success of the company.

What may initially sound contradictory, is quite logical when one thinks about it. Sophisticated processes, the effective utilization of materials and conscious consumption of energy, water, raw materials and operating resources allow us to optimize our cost structure. And this approach pays off. For both the company and the environment.

But we are not satisfied by this alone. We are constantly improving all processes and reducing potential errors and their negative effects on the environment by operating in a targeted and systematic manner with regard to all issues concerning quality and the environment. This ultimately increases the degree of satisfaction of our customers. We ensure that the quality demands placed on our products are met and any environmental pollution is largely avoided at an early stage when designing and planning our products and processes.

There is another aspect of our work however. Our products and our expertise help our customers prepare environmentally sound technologies for the market. In this way the environment benefits twice from ContiTech. Details on specific procedures are provided on our web site. You will be fascinated by the numerous practical applications and our concepts with regard to quality and the environment.

Dr. Thomas Simon
Senior Vice President of Quality & Environment ContiTech AG

Dr. Thomas Simon